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  donderdag 19 oktober 2017



Older Joomla! versions

Home brewed extensions for older Joomla! versions (1.5.x).

MyCheck-in (J! 1.5)

4824 x

Joomla! Administrator component which shows all checked-out items, with duration and allows back-end user to check in individual items

Sponsor Overview Component (J! 1.5)

1108 x

Component which shows a nice list of all active banners with views and clicks. Used to show sponsor overview pages.

Plan route with GMaps (J! 1.5)

11763 x

Joomla! 1.5.x module to let visitors plan there route easily to your visiting location. Let them enter their address and let Google-map do the calculations - NEW: open Gmaps in LightBox iFrame or pop-up window, show the directions in your own language, multi language support, multi instance support NEW2: multiple destionations

Submenu plug-in (J! 1.5)

860 x

This is a Joomla! plugin. Which replaces {jossubmenu} in the content by a hyperlinked bullit list with all lower levelded submenus-items of the current page. So an content page can be used as an introduction pages for sub-menu items.

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